Montage Palmetto Bluff Hotel


Bluffton, Coastal South Carolina

A distinctly serene, luxurious south haven in Carolina Lowcountry

People often describe Lowcountry Carolina with words such as mystical, ethereal, and amazingly beautiful. That’s because this region along the southern part of the South Carolina coast, home to wetlands, rivers, salt marshes, and mossy forests, is all of those things. It is a place that feels both exotic and distinctly American, a place where time seems to have stopped; the Gullah inhabitants and language (a mixture of Creole and English) continue to thrive, historic architecture has been preserved, and the magical natural beauty has remained relatively untouched.

Palmetto Bluff, 20,000 acres of real estate development about 20 miles east of Hilton Head Island and 20 miles north of Savannah, incorporates some of the best of what Lowcountry offers. It sits along with Rio de Maio, a tributary of the Atlantic Ocean, and is happily tranquil: Visitors will be able to drive along a private road (blocked by a security gate) under a canopy of trees to reach the main square of the city. Quaint Palmetto Bluff Village and the development’s facilities – including the golf club, fitness club, boathouse, and pools – never crowded.

Montage of Palmetto Bluff is the jewel of this development and offers the most luxurious accommodations on the entire east coast. The property includes:

  • The main River House offers stunning views and an abundance of comfortable common spaces – a large front porch, a library, and a small lobby.
  • Numerous tiny white houses dot the landscape.
  • A chapel.
  • Ample leisure facilities (which are shared with the villagers).

The River House looks like a classic southern mansion, with a two-story balcony, gabled roof, and off-white wood siding, and in front of it are the ruins of an authentic, historic southern mansion. The ruined pillars and brick foundations of the excellent Wilson Plantation House, built around 1910 and set on fire in 1929, evoke the days gone by when guests arrived at Palmetto Bluff by steamship and train for great parties. The entire property, in many ways, feels trapped in time: guests can travel by bicycle or even on horseback, the grounds are lit up at night with gas lamps flashing, and the pace of life is wonderfully slow.



Part of the Palmetto Bluff real estate development in Carolina Lowcountry

Palmetto Bluff’s Mount is located in Bluffton, South Carolina, about 20 miles west of Hilton Head Island and 20 miles north of Savannah – but a world away. It is part of a beautiful, peaceful region along the South Carolina coast known as Carolina Lowcountry, where salt marshes meet mossy forests. The hotel is part of the Palmetto Bluff real estate development, which features a small picturesque village, private houses, an 18-hole golf course, and numerous leisure facilities.

  • 33-minute drive to Hilton Head Airport (on Hilton Head Island)
  • 43-minute drive to Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (and Savannah City)
  • 30-minute water taxi to the beach on Daufuskie Island
  • 2-hour, 20-minute drive to Charleston


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